Pet Sitting

Cats, Seniors & TLC Care

  • A perfect alternative to the cattery. Cats thrive on routine and feel safe, relaxed and happy in their own home with familiar bedding, bowls, litter and normal daily routine. Perfect for all cats however, it is especially beneficial for the nervous, elderly cat or TLC cat that may need a more tailored daily plan.

I will feed, water, clean your pets litter, brush (if wished), play and give lots of cuddles at each visit. Additional services like medication, diabetes injections, nail clipping etc can be added at a reduced fee.

Once Daily £16
Twice Daily £24
(Administration of pre-prescribed medication) Add £3

Small Dogs, Seniors & TLC Care

  • Ideal for an owner who is away from home thoughout the day, either occasionally or on a regular basis. This may be due to work patterns, family occasions like weddings or even days out. This service is on a one to one basis and their care can be tailored to each individually. It is perfect for all small dogs, however it is especially beneficial for the nervous, elderly, or dog recovering from illness or surgery.

Being a home based service, I can walk your dog nearby or garden play, whichever is the most suitable for your dog and their needs. I will feed, water, toilet break, brush (if wished), play and give lots of cuddles at each visit. Additional services like medication, Diabetes injections, nail clipping, etc, can be added at a reduced fee.

Once Daily £16
Twice Daily £24
(Administration of pre-prescribed medication) Add £3

Small Furries

Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, chinchillas, gerbils and birds can be catered for whilst you have a break. They are a cherished member of the family. They like the stability of routine and familiarity and can get stressed otherwise. Therefore, a home stay is the best solution for a content pet.

I will feed, give fresh water, clean cage or litter tray and of course TLC, giving you the peace of mind that your pet has the best care and attention. Medication can also be given as required.

Once Daily £14

Puppy & Kitten Social Lunches

It’s such a long day, especially for puppies and kittens, to be left at home alone. Depending on the age of the pup or kitten, your pet should be visited every couple of hours when it is very young to every four hours as it grows, and then there’s fitting in the extra feeds!

Feeding, exercise and play, cleaning up accidents, as well as Socialisation can also be undertaken on these visits.   Puppies will be taken out to the garden or for a short walk to aid in their toilet training regime. Kittens will have extra fun playtime.

Price £14



Offering a kind, calm and stress-free approach to your pets grooming needs in their own home. I will treat your pet as an individual with individual needs, eg the older pet with arthritis who may need gentle and considered handling.

Pheromones and natural calming aids are used to promote additional wellbeing: Feliway for cats, Adaptil for dogs and Pet Remedy for all pets including small furries.

  • Brushing
  • Light Dematting, Detangling and tidying up
  • Medicated Shampooing (Vet prescribed and supplied)
  • Nail clipping, ear or eye cleaning can be also be added at a reduced cost.

Grooming is more than having your pets looking good, it has good health benefits. Because I can come to you, it is a very convenient service for you and your pet without the need to travel.

Price from £20


A pet microchip is a tiny computer chip that’s about the size of a grain of rice. It contains a unique code that matches up to your pet’s details. Microchipping a pet is a quick and simple procedure. The chip is inserted under your pets skin, usually around the scruff of the neck, using a needle. It takes seconds and can be done easily in your home. A microchip is a permanent form of identification. As long as the details are kept up to date, you can always be contacted if your pet goes missing.

By law, all dogs must be microchipped before 8 weeks of age. Cats and rabbits can also be microchipped and this is recommended especially if they go outdoors.

Price £25

Anal Gland Emptying (External)

Does your dog “scoot” their bottom along the ground or, unusually lick their bottom? It could well be you pet’s anal glands are full and need to be emptied or expressed. It can be a bit tricky for you to do at home. However, as a veterinary nurse, it can be a simple home procedure.

Price £20

Nutrition Health Visit

  • Good nutrition is so important for your pet at all life stages, from puppy and kitten, through to the senior pet. We aim to keep your pet in the best optimised health. We will weigh and assess your pet’s body condition, give advice on feeding and treats and, if necessary, tailor a weight reduction/increase programme within their personalised plan booklet.
Price £20

Dental Health Visit

It is so important to keep your pet’s teeth clean, especially from an early age. We can teach you how to gradually introduce tooth brushing to your pet. The benefits of daily tooth brushing include, less tartar build up on the teeth thus reducing the likelihood of gum recession, potential loose teeth and loss. We can also assess your pet for any signs of gum disease and  tooth damage. Dental brushing kits are available to keep your pet’s teeth pearly white.

Price £20

Senior Health Visit

  • Our pets are living so much longer these days therefore, it is so important to keep them in the best of health. We will weigh and assess your pet’s body condition, give advice on feeding and treats and, if necessary, tailor a weight reduction/increase programme within their personalised plan booklet. We will assess your pet’s coat condition, dental health and ask you about your pet’s mobility.  If it is possible, we will ask if you can retain a fresh urine sample from your pet which can be tested at the time of our visit.  Invaluable information can be gained with such a quick and simple test. We feel passionate about the importance of the senior health visit and recommend this service annually to dogs and cats over 7 years (5 years upwards in the larger breed dogs).
Price £25

Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Owner Training

Having first-hand experience myself with two diabetic cats, I know how daunting this can be initially. I can support you and help you manage their disease, especially in the first few weeks of your pet’s diagnosis which can be a very stressful time.

Price £28

Other Treatments

Administering vet supplied medications, including flea/worming treatment £16
Tick Removal £20
Ear / Eye Cleaning £20
Urine Sample Check (Dipstix) £20
Nail Clipping Cat / Small Furries £15
Nail Clipping Dog £20

District Vet Nurse Plans

Vet Nurse Home District Care Plans

It is a known fact that people recover quicker after surgery or trauma, in the familiar surroundings of their home environment and this is the same for your pet too.

Inpatient hospitalisation is definitely required for some medical conditions. However, Vet Nurse Home Care District Plan can be appropriate for numerous conditions.

There are many benefits of our Vet Nurse Home Care – District Plan. It costs less than hospitalisation. This will allow your pet to remain in their own home with their family whilst receiving the help that they need. It also allows your pet to be in comfortable,  familiar surroundings and they usually sleep and eat better. They have more privacy at home, it’s quieter and more peaceful in the home setting.

It benefits the family too, who get to spend time with their pet without making regular trips to a hospital; who may have trouble arranging transportation and the hospital might be quite a distance from the home.

Roseanne can take the stress away from worried owners, so that they do not become so overwhelmed with the care of their much loved pet. Most owners are not trained to provide the kind of help that their pet needs. Having Vet Nurse Home Care relieves them of the need to do work for which they are not prepared. Perhaps most importantly, it allows the family to stay together.

Pets that don’t require intensive medical care can receive care in their own homes.

Vet Nurse Home Care – District Plans offered are:

group of young pets: english setter puppy, havanese dog, persian kitten, little rabbit - isolated on white

  • Dressing Change & Wound Management
  • Diabetic Monitoring (up to 12 hours)
  • Health Monitoring
  • Administering Medications
  • Bladder Expression
  • Gastric Tube Feeding
  • Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy

Post surgery aftercare plans including prescribed owner physiotherapy and gentle assisted walking. Palliative care plans can be tailored for pets who are reaching the end of life.

Veterinary Surgeon or Veterinary Emergency Services Referral Service:

The Vet Nurse Home Care District Plan is for your pet owner, by REFERRAL via yourself as a veterinary surgeon or veterinary emergency service only. I will keep in close contact with frequent updates on your client’s pet. By working together, I feel we can give your clients and their pets the best care possible in the comfort of their own homes. Please contact me if this service would be appropriate and beneficial for your client’s pet and their health condition. Professional references by request.

We accept cash, credit card, bank transfer and Paypal as payments.

Bank Holiday - all services are charged at 2 x normal rate at Christmas and the New Year bank holidays. Other bank holiday services are charged at 1.5 x normal rate.

Disclaimer - Vet Nurse Home Care is a not a veterinary surgeon or a substitute for consulting your own vet if you have any health concerns about your pet. Under the RCVS Veterinary Nurse code of conduct, Vet Nurse Home Care cannot dispense medication nor diagnose your pet's illness or injury. All medication must be provided by you.

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